martedì 21 luglio 2015

2015 YAM YBXV950D-SIDE HIGHRES VIDEO from Deus Italy on Vimeo.
The Yamaha Yard Build Project view fully involved Deus Ex Machina, World-renowned custom motorcycle design house, that after taking care of the Yamaha XJR and SR400, this time arrive to build a full custom bike on the Yamaha XV950 Bolt.

A project that take inspiration from a different philosophy, because the bike that was build move from two to three wheels, to becoming a sidecar: a new and never walked land for the customizer and also for Yamaha.

The result is already a Story, because the D-Side arrived to take the scene in the last Wheels and Wave in Biarritz, where Deus and Yamaha decide to unlevel the bike.

Parts of this story are three man: Shun Miyazawa, Yamaha Motor Europe Product Manager that pull the strings to realize a custom on the XV950 basis, Filippo Bassoli, Deus Italy Chief and the inspired man to realize a sidecar, and Emanuele Vicinanza, that is the heart of the italian Deus Workshop.

This video move from their ideas, to arrive at the final result: enjoy it!